Our applications are processed by a third party: Weimark. A trusted leader in applicant background screening solutions, Weimark provides a secure link to the Credit Bureaus allowing us to confidently handle customer information while minimising the risk to you. Once we have your application we will review your income and credit history with the management for their approval. Please note that Weimark charges a $20 fee per applicant. This fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

IMPORTANT:When attaching documents make sure to click the start upload button after adding the files, or your documents will not attach.


Why DOES my credit score DIFFER FROM THE NUMBER ON credit karma/discover/other credit service?

-All free credit reporting services only offer estimations. We perform what is called a hard pull on your credit. This is the service performed when you apply for a credit card or other loan, and is the only 100% accurate way of determining someone’s credit score.

Is the good faith deposit refundable?

The good faith deposit is refundable should none of the following apply:


-Applicant fails to submit an application with required documentation.

-Applicant fails to sign a lease after being approved by the management.

-Withdrawal of application for tenancy before or after being approved by the management.

I saw an ad or heard about another apartment, can you show it to me?

We are always happy to try and find the perfect apartment for our clients. We will always do our best to show you the apartments you desire, so long as the apartment is available.

I'm looking to sublet my room, can you find someone for me?

Yes, we specialize in helping our clients find someone to sublet their room or apartment to.

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