Good Faith Deposit

A good faith deposit is a sum of money provided by a buyer to a seller, which demonstrates the buyer’s intention to purchase.

Lofts and Flats LLC policy dictates that a good faith deposit be given before a property be taken off of the market within the Brokerage. The deposit is refundable should none of the following apply:

Applicant fails to submit an application with required documentation.
Applicant fails to sign a lease after being approved by the management
Withdrawal of application for tenancy before or after being approved by the management.

How To Send Your Deposit

We are able to accept deposits via a number of methods varying from in-person to electronic.

In-Person Deposit

Here in our office we are able to accept cash, certified bank checks, and money orders, and provide you with a written receipt on the spot. Visit us at 276B Nostrand ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205. Money orders and bank checks made out to Lofts and Flats LLC.


Zelle is a cross bank funds transfer service available to a variety of financial institutions. You can send money with most banks by simply logging into your online banking and requesting to send money to this email address:


Please be aware that by using PayPal you agree to the forfeiture of 3% of your deposit to service fees. The service fees are non refundable even if the application is not approved. Funds can be sent via this link.

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