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Lofts and Flats’ Guide to Being a Successful Brooklyn Real Estate Agent

Being a successful real estate agent in a market as competitive as New York City is both challenging and rewarding. With thousands of exclusive listings and even more clients, there is great potential for agents to do well. However, in order to excel, agents must be willing to go the extra mile to stand out to clients.

As a leading brokerage in Brooklyn, Lofts and Flats has years of experience in helping agents find success. In addition to taking part in the Lofts and Flats’ comprehensive training program, here are a few of the ways Loft and Flats real estate agents are excelling in Brooklyn.

Practice Self Discipline

A job as a real estate agent may seem more independent than others, however, it requires a great deal of self-discipline. While agents may not have a boss micromanaging them, they still need to set personal goals for themselves. This helps agents to stay on track with their progress and work toward improving their business.

It also wise for agents to implement a set weekly schedule for themselves. Most brokerages do not require agents to be in the office 40 hours a week. However, dedicating a comparable amount of time to your business will play a big part in an agent’s path toward success.

Make the Most of Your Brokerage’s Training Program

In order to get a real estate license, you must take a 75-hour pre-licensing course. The course will cover general real estate topics such as state laws or the ins and outs of a mortgage. However, what it doesn’t cover are practical tips and practices for being a successful real estate agent.

As a result, agents must rely on other ways of learning how to do well in the industry. For example, some real estate brokerages will offer in-house training programs or other training resources. At Lofts and Flats, agents have access to a full-scale, comprehensive training program. Lofts and Flats recommends that all agents take part in this program, as it offers the best practices and insider tips for obtaining listings, building clientele, and closing deals in the Brooklyn real estate industry.

Market Yourself as a Successful Real Estate Agent

There are thousands of real estate agents in New York City, making for extremely fierce competition when it comes to being successful. This is especially the case in Manhattan and Brooklyn. As a result, agents must work on making themselves stand out through marketing strategies.

There is no rule book when it comes to marketing yourself in real estate. Traditionally, agents would rely on posting ads in the newspapers or on bus benches to build their clientele base. However, today, agents will have better luck in finding clientele through digital strategies. 

First and foremost, it is a must that real estate agents use multiple social media platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook, to market themselves. These platforms are a great way of getting your name out there to a large audience, and also happen to be the place where many clients will go to find their agents. 

Agents with more marketing expertise may want to go the extra mile and use Facebook or Google ads. While these strategies can sometimes be costly, they are sure to boost your business as a real estate agent in Brooklyn.

Value Your Client

While agents need to market themselves and practice self-discipline, the amount of deals they close is ultimately based on how they treat their clients. Often agents will go above and beyond to stand out to potential clients, but their level of effort decreases once the client decides to work with them. 

At Lofts and Flats, we encourage our agents to make the clients experience superb from start to finish. This means that even after the deal is closed, we make sure we have satisfied all their needs. This is not only about the possibility of a future referral, but rather the reputation our agents at Lofts and Flats have in Brooklyn real estate.


There is no set manual on how to be a successful real estate agent in the Brooklyn real estate market. As the borough continues to boom, we at Lofts and Flats are constantly looking for ways to improve and stand out as a leading brokerage in the area. 

At Lofts and Flats, we know we are only as successful as our real estate agents are. If you are looking to start a career as a real estate agent in Brooklyn, reach out to Lofts and Flats so we can discuss opportunities we have available. 

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